Equipped4Life Fitness

Real fitness, designed for real people!

Equipped4Life Fitness evolved from the idea that all children, youth and adults are capable of positive physical fitness despite any challenges they may have.  No person should sit on the sidelines of life because of a disability, and no disability should define a person. Rather, a person should be empowered to define their own differences. A physically fit body empowers a person towards  fun, success, strength and good health. Together we can find that inner power!!

 4 Fun * 4 Success4 Health * 4 LIFE

Individual and Group Fitness programs incorporate the Components of Good Health


 Cardiorespitory Fitness

 Muscular Strength and Endurance


 Muscular Fitness

Body Composition

We break down the components even further for our clients with special needs

 Body Image


 Motor Coordination


We offer personal training and group fitness in the studio including small group private training and special order small group exercise classes.  We have designed our rates so that they are affordable for anyone.


Our full class schedule can be found HERE, we hope to see you soon!