“The more difficulties one has to encounter, within and without, the more significant and the higher in inspiration his life will be.” -Horace Bushnell

Me, my 1st marathon medal and Mickey!
Me, my 1st marathon medal and Mickey!

Hello, my name is Patty. I love the outdoors! Give me a beach to lounge on, a forest trail to hike, a road to jog  and a campfire to chill at and I am in my own personal heaven. I would not be considered that warrior athlete or flat ab fitness instructor that everyone thinks of when they seek out a personal trainer. Nope, I am a real person, with real issues, struggles and temptations. I was never the first one picked for a team when I was a child and not the first person to cross the finish line now. BUT I am that person who “gets it” and “goes after it”. I had to push for success, strive hard to earn every mile logged and every pound lost or maintained.  It is that determination that I will put to work for you!

My family is my best support
My family is my best support!

As alluded, athletics did not come easily for me. Yet,  I still had and have it easier than so many who struggle every day with the limitations and challenges that come with a diagnosis such as Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome,  ADHD, Obesity and so many others.  Most would call the symptoms and manifestations of these types of diagnosis “disabilities”,  I consider them differences.  We are all equipped with abilities and capabilities to overcome and persevere through any challenge.  A child who is unable to communicate verbally is no less capable of success. They simply (without being simple) find thier success differently.  I had the privilege to meet a young lady a few months back who was diagnosed  on the Autistic spectrum. Through her personal fitness program with Exercise Connections she discovered that she was able to define her diagnosis rather then it defining her. That is exactly the inspiration and motivation that fuels my fitness programs. Fitness for All regardless of limits or differences!!!

I believe keeping a positive  mindset when attempting any goal is vital but understand that keeping a positive mindset can and will be difficult. I believe that you should enjoy your fitness program and understand that sometimes it is hard to find the fun. I believe that we can overcome the walls and obstacles in our path but know that the walls are very real!  I believe that you are Equipped 4 fun, 4 success, 4 health and 4 LIFE.


Equipped4Life Fitness Founder & Owner


The most important job I will ever have is to be a parent. Dedicating my life to raising my  children to be successful, self-assured, confident and oriented adults will be my greatest  accomplishment. The multitude of skills I learned in my field of study and my experience in the  work force has helped me to be patient, productive and well organized. My sense of adventure and  zest for fun with my children is an extra bonus.

Since 2013, when I started Equipped4Life Fitness, I have specialized in Personal Training and Group Fitness for Child, Youth and Adult with a variety of  special needs this includes, program preparations, organization and implementation. It is my  philosophy that all individuals are capable of positive physical fitness and improved health and well being.

Education and Certifications 

1992 Ohio Northern University * Bachelors of Arts: Psychology
2015 Certifications in Therapeutic Exercise, Orthopedic Exercise – pending
02-08-2015 Certified Tabata Bootcamp Instructor
10-2014 Certification in Personal Training ACE #T180377
03-28-2014 Certification in Personal Training AFAA CPFT # 0376-28
03-17-2014 Certification in Group Fitness AFAA CI # 551769
02-2014 Certification in Exercise Connection adaptive PE School programming for special needs, Chicago
09-14-2013 Certified R*I*P*P*E*D Instructor
09-24-2013 Certified R*I*P*P*E*D Kids Instructor
02-13-2013 CEC Completion of Applied Behavior Analysis Boot Camp refresher