Miles in Motion: Low-Impact Cardio Class infuses aspects of dance aerobics with indoor walking allowing you to keep at least one foot in contact with the ground at all times. This type of exercise reduces jarring or pounding on the bones and joints while promoting cardiac & respiratory health, balance and strength and weight loss & maintenance.  Miles in Motion: Low-Impact Cardio Class is particularly beneficial for people with bone and joint problems or individuals just starting a workout program or wanting to supplement their current programming. While overweight and obese individuals are certainly not limited to performing low impact aerobics, sometimes this form of exercise is more comfortable, especially at the onset of a workout program.

Miles in Motion: Low-Impact Cardio Class is specifically developed to get you moving. Each class propels you through 1 to 2 miles of movement. We work to the beat of music and keep our muscles engaged for a high calorie burn.

This class has been SO popular that we have added additional classes!  Check the current calendar for the most up to date schedule.