What is Yo-Chi?

Created by Lawrence Biscontini, an ACE Group Fitness Instructor of the Year, fitness guru, and television personality, created Yo-Chi, a blend of tai chi and yoga. Yo-Chi blends a couple of disciplines normally not practiced together, to deliver a mind-body workout. Perfect for ALL Capabilities. A 30- to 45-minute Yo-Chi class alternates between five-minute segments of yoga and tai chi, with a complete fusion of the two forms in the beginning and end of class. Classes begin with tai chi movements, to increase synovial fluid, or lubricate the joints. Benefits of Yo-Chi Beyond the mindfulness benefits of Yo-Chi, the program works on both stability, through yoga, and mobility, through tai chi.

The blend of stability and mobility mirrors regular life, in which we use stability to balance us as we go through our daily activities (mobility). In addition, yoga provides isometric training, while tai chi provides isotonic training to the muscles. During the yoga segments, participants increase balance, alignment and flexibility and as always muscle strength. Research also has shown yoga helps reduce stress and can mitigate heart disease and diabetes factors. Within tai chi segments, people work with balance, coordination, core strength, energy and attention to being a part of a group. Benefits of slow movement through tai chi also extend to better athletic performance, because all of the muscles in the body are communicating with one another.

Yo-Chi is a perfect class to take on “rest days,” between heavy-duty workouts, because it gets your blood moving through gentle movements, which ultimately helps restoration and healing. Yo-Chi classes provide a fun experience, which blends opposites — stability and mobility, inner and outer awareness, floor work and standing, muscle contraction and relaxation, yin and yang — into a mindful, integrated workout.

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